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    Regulatory dossiers (CTD/Common Technical Dossier) are available for out-licensing from PharmaZell according to the Drug Product strengths listed in the adjoining chart.

    Please note that PharmaZell produces the drug substance Etoricoxib in-house and sells Etoricoxib as sole API to interested parties as well, irrespectively from the availability of the respective Dossier.

    Aside from that PharmaZell has completed a full Drug Product development for Teriflunomide (7 mg / 14 mg FCT) available for out-licensing too, however, a CTD would have to be prepared by the licensee according to the specific targeted markets. PharmaZell produces the Drug Substance Teriflunomide in-house and sells Teriflunomide as sole API to interested parties as well.

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